Sustainability is the core subject that Genvict always insists on and continues to seek a breakthrough in. We try to build a comprehensive sustainable development mechanism through various efforts to transform sustainable development from company consensus perspective, to productivity, and action. Genvict expects to consolidate its achievements, optimize the parts that needs to be improved, making good use of the product and technology advantages of Genvict in intelligent transportation and Internet of Things (IoT), establish the benchmark for intelligent transportation and the IoT, adhere to social responsibility, and make positive contributions to a sustainable development society.

Corporate Sustainable Development

  • Goal: transportation Internet of Things in the era of intelligent transportation 2.0

  • Development Strategy:

OBU in vehicles: focusing on intelligent transportation by installing IoT sensing units in all vehicles.

Construction of Infrastructure: expanding the application of intelligent transportation by setting base stations and other key infrastructures of transportation Internet of Things in dynamic and static scenes, thus establishing a comprehensive perception and integration system.

Cloud-based service: building a unified and standardized cloud service platform through cloud computing, big data, and other technologies, and together with the perception system of transportation Internet of Things, providing decision-making supervision, operation management, and transportation services to the government, operating units, and end users.

Hand-held mobile terminals: creating seamless life scenes by making use of the cloud platform and hand-held mobile terminals to have fully access to highways, parking lots, business districts, and homes.

Urban intelligent transportation: making use of the perception system of transportation Internet of Things to build a real-time, clear, efficient, green and intelligent urban transportation Internet of Things with close interconnection of people, vehicles, infrastructure, parking lots and environment, thus achieving seamless integration of full traffic elements and extensive transportation services.

All-round development: combining IT and transportation and focusing on intelligent transportation, to achieve the all-round development in highways, urban transportation, and other areas. 

R&D in Military products: taking advantage of years of practical experience in civil intelligent transportation and relying on strong R & D strength and continuous innovation to explore the market for military products.

Expansion in International market: taking advantage of intelligent transportation in China and professional manufacturing capacity to actively participate in international competition and explore the international market.

  • Green Office and Manufacturing

Genvict integrates green production ideas into product planning, design, R & D, manufacturing, delivery, and service. We will also continue to improve our product and solution efficiency through continuous technological innovation, and provide customers with leading energy-saving and environment-friendly products and solutions. We will also focus on strict quality management in offices, production facilities, and laboratories in order to reduce greenhouse gas and waste emissions, creating a friendly office environment, and protect the health of staff. Genvict has obtained and strictly complies with the requirements of the six major international management system certifications.

  • ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System

  • ISO/TS16949:2009 Automotive Industry Quality Management System

  • ISO/17025:2005 Test Management System

  • IECQ QC080000 Electrical and Electronic Components and Products Hazardous Substance Process Management System

  • ISO14001:2004 Environment Management System

  • OHSAS18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management System

Quality management system certification of Genvict (partial)



Social sustainable development
  • Environment and energy conservation 

As an ETC industry leader in China, Genvict has always been committed to providing automobile users with efficient and green transportation services, launching a variety of advanced products beneficial to the society, and promoting the construction of efficient, low-carbon, and energy-saving sustainable development society through continuous technological innovation.

ETC can not only significantly shorten passing time, but also reduce the frequency of start-up and braking due to queuing, thus saving fuel and reducing pollutant emissions. The data shows that the average fuel saving of each ETC vehicle is 0.0314 L less than that of MTC vehicle, with CH, CO, and NO emissions 0.7g, 4.7g, 0.3g lower for each respectively. In addition, 65 million liters of fuel will be saved and exhaust emissions will be reduced by 12,000 tons every year if using ETC.

  • Undertaking Responsability and Helping Others

Genvict has always kept a sense of social responsibility in the way of pursuing our dreams. We have made effort to help those who need help in society and devoted to the sustainable development of society. Genvict has set up a ‘Genvict Care Foundation’ and ‘Genvict Volunteer Team’, and organized many activities for the public to encourage our staff and community to help the old, impoverished students, and the disabled, and to promote the concept of sustainable development among the public.