Genvict Innovation Research Institute, driven by the mission of “Smarter Mobility, Simpler Life”, is devoted to exploring the core technologies, products, as well as industrial cooperation and business models for Smart City and Smart Transportation. 

As the leader of the Industrial R&D Center of Key Technologies and Equipment for Intelligent Vehicle-Infrastructure Cooperative Systems of Ministry of Transport, with in-depth research into the latest technologies such as 5G, AI, IoT, MEC, Big Data, Blockchain, etc., the Institute has developed a series of products and solutions to meet the demands of Smart City and Smart Transportation, aiming to build a safer, more efficient and more eco-friendly transportation system where seamless connection between traffic participants is achieved based on the collection and communication of transportation information.

Over the years, Genvict has been recognized by the industry for its innovative spirit of pioneering and research. With 11 R&D labs cooperating with scientific research institutes, Genvict has received over 150 national, provincial and industry awards, acquired over 400 patents.