For years, Genvict focuses on the Internet of Things (IoT) of intelligent transportation, continues to invest in key technologies, standard and product development so as to improve intelligent transportation. We are devoted to creating a better user experience by providing more intelligent, convenient, and reliable transportation solutions. Genvict is committed to our quality policy of "attracting clients with innovative design, satisfying clients with professional manufacturing, pleasing clients with premium service, and winning the loyalty of our clients though our outstanding reputation", and continuously providing first-class products and service.

The annual investment in R&D of Genvict accounts for more than 10% of sales revenue. The professional R&D team, led by overseas returnees of doctor's degree, is consisted of technical experts from different fields, such as radio frequency, microwave, antenna, digital circuit, embedded system, Internet application development. Thereby, such comprehensive technologies, ranging from basic chip design to end products, facilitate the robust development of Genvict in the past 13 years.

Genvict has 7 R&D test laboratories accredited by CNAS, which can perform a series of tests including radio frequency circuit tests, base band circuit tests, electromagnetic compatibility tests, function and performance tests, environmental and mechanical reliability tests, security tests, dynamic and static transaction simulation tests, sports car transaction testing, and etc. Genvict is equipped with test platforms for R&D automation and automatic dashboard systems for the production line, in order to realize the fully-automatic management of the R&D testing and product production.

In order to promote the scientific and technological innovation and technological development of intelligent transportation industry, Genvict has set up the Institute for Innovative Technologies. Genvict has been cooperating with relevant scientific research institutes, strategic partners, and other institutions to develop extensive cooperation among industries, universities, as well as science and technology leaders to perform scientific problem solving, product research, engineering testing, application demonstration, and in the meanwhile actively participating in various ministerial, provincial and municipal scientific research projects. In addition, by setting up the Institute for Innovative Technologies, Genvict has successively established a long-term, cooperative relationship with Tsinghua University, the Research Institute of Highway (Ministry of Transport), the China R&D Center for Internet of Things, the Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Chang’an University, Tongji University, Zhongshan University, Central China Normal University, South China University of Technology, the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, and other research institutes, so as to the form a mutually beneficial relationship.

Genvict is committed to the unremitting pursuit of continuous innovation. By actively carrying out advanced technology exploration on the IoT and intelligent transportation, Genvict has obtained staged achievements in OBU and OEM installation in vehicles, V2X, WAN-IoT and other fields. With a variety of advanced technologies, over 600 patents have been applied for and among which, over 450 patents have been granted.