Genvict Listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange

It is a memorable day. On May 15, 2017, after thirteen years of operation, Shenzhen Genvict Technology Co., Ltd. (Genvict) officially listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange, with the stock code of 002869 and an issue price of CNY 21.80 per share. Government leaders, industry association leaders, client representatives, capital market intermediaries, and other respectful guests are invited by Genvict to witness the milestone moment.

Address by Mr. Xiao Hui, Deputy District Head of government in Nanshan District, Shenzhen

Address by Mr. Liao Yabin, Vice President of Guosen Securities

Address by Mr. Luo Ruifa, Chairman of Genvict

Shenzhen Stock Exchange exchanges souvenirs with Genvict

Ms. Zhang Jiqing, Deputy Secretary General of Shenzhen Municipal Government, Mr. Liao Yabin, Vice President of Guosen Securities, and Mr. Luo Ruifa, Chairman of Genvict jointly ring the opening bell.

Group photo for distinguished guests of Genvict and leaders of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange

Group photo of guests attending the listing ceremony

Shenzhen Stock Exchange plays the Genvict corporate video 

Established in 2004, Genvict has been focusing on the application development, product innovation and the promotion of DSRC, RFID technology in intelligent transportation and the e-payment industry since its foundation. Genvict is the leading supplier of China’s intelligent transportation and e-payment products and services. After years of technical research and development, our ETC products have gained the leading market position. Genvict is a national Hi-tech enterprise, and was the earliest organization engaging in 5.8 GHz DSRC technical research and development, and attended the drafting of the national ETC standards in GB/T20851-2007 series. The projects, including “ETC standard system and monitoring technology" and “identification of highway multi-level and ambiguity route", respectively, were awarded the grand prize and second prize at the 2009 Science and Technology Awards presented by the China Highway Society. Genvict also received awards like “China ITS Top 30 Enterprises", “Influential ETC Brands in China", “Industrial Contribution Award", “Guangdong Provincial IPR Advantage Enterprise”, “Key Hi-Tech Enterprise of National Torch Plan", and other honors. Furthermore, the innovative products, such as “solar OBU”, “RSU SHINE-G2”, and others, won the title of “Influential Innovative Products”.

The Company has 296 patents (including 55 patents for invention), 56 copyrights of computer software, and one work copyright by December 31, 2016.