Cooperative Vehicle Infrastructure (V2X) technology uses wireless communication and next-generation Internet technology to develop an integrated and cooperative traffic management system that interacting pedestrians, vehicles, and roads. It realizes real-time traffic information interaction, automatic/assisted driving control and cooperative traffic management, and significantly improves traffic safety and efficiency, thus representing the latest development direction of intelligent transportation. 5G/LTE-V is the core of China's next-generation wireless communication technology, which aims at vehicle safety application services, traffic control and other V2X scenarios. It provides advanced and efficient V2X data transmission services, works as an essential element for intelligent networked vehicles and autonomous driving.

In 2013, Genvict started the research in V2X technology and launched the first generation of V2X product WAVEBOX in the next year.

WB-L20B series (the second generation in compliance with American standard, Vbox (third generation in compliance with vehicle regulation), and LB-LD10 Series (the V2X products in compliance with Chinese standard) were launched in 2016,2017,and 2018 respectively. 

Currently, Genvict has full range of V2X products in compliance with the American standard, European standard and Chinese standard.

As the lead company, Genvict collaborated with Highway Research Institute of the Ministry of Transport, Guangdong Provincial Communications Group, Tongji University, Tsinghua University, and Beijing Automobile Research Institute to set up the Industrial R&D Center of Intelligent Cooperative Vehicle Infrastructure (V2X) technology in 2017, which was recognized by the Ministry of Transport.

In 2018, Genvict was the in the first batch to successfully passed the interoperability tests. The tests were organized by the Institute of Information and Communication, and involved “module, terminal and car factory” LTE-V network layer and communication layer conformance. Genvict also cooperated with BAIC and Dongfeng to offer a test ride experience in Shanghai Auto City.

Genvict was the first company in China to launch pre-market V2X installation solution. The products are in accordance with the APQP quality management process and the performance meets the requirements of the vehicle regulations.

Genvict collaborated with Chery to build the first ‘Intelligent Networked Road’ in Anhui Province and cooperated with Dongfeng to build a test road for Jinan Intelligent Network. In addition, Genvict established cooperative relations with BAIC, FAW, Heavy Duty Truck Group, Yutong Bus, Shaanxi Heavy Duty Truck Group and Great Wall Huaguan.

Genvict participated in the Nanjing-Jiangning Intelligent Network Open Testing Area, Chongqing i-VISTA Intelligent Vehicle Integration System Testing Area, intelligent bus driving pilot project in urban open road in Shenzhen Futian Free Trade Zone, and the Humen Second Bridge Guangdong Intelligetn Highway pilot project..


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