ETC Smart Parking

The difficulty in finding a parking space, chaotic management and unpleasant experience are the maladies afflicting the parking market. With the influx of Internet companies in the parking market, the parking industry is ushering in a new round of change. With a more than 40-million user base, ETC Smart Parking has an advantage of promoting its application in a large scale and is now facing tremendous opportunities, due to the support of unified national standards, 99.99% ultra-high recognition rate, and non-stop passing experience.

Relying on years of resource advantages in intelligent transportation, Genvict integrates resources from all fields for the development in ETC smart parking. Moreover, by constantly innovating the parking management models to improve management efficiency, increase operating incomes and the value of service, Genvict strives for the construction of an intelligent parking eco-system, and hence realizing the value sharing of the industry chain.