The Wide Area Network-Internet of Things (WAN-IoT) is a revolutionary low power IoT communication technology for long distance, (up to 20km in an open area, or above 2km in an urban area of dense buildings), with a multi-building penetrability. WAN-IoT is applicable for information collection and supervision by nodes that are geographically distributed in a wide area. It can effectively realize access of a great number of IoT nodes into a network, but with few base stations. In this way, it can remarkably reduce communication cost due to the low cost of node construction.

Having devoted to the research on WAN-IoT technology for years, Genvict has launched the WAN-IoT system. The system adopts the spread spectrum modulation (SSM) technology, uses WAN-IoT node modules and collectors to form a star-type network, thus realizing various applications such as transportation infrastructure management, wireless meter reading, electric power monitoring, industrial remote sensing, smart home, environmental monitoring, so as to help the construction of a smart city.