ADAS (Advanced Driving Assistance System) and V2X

The intelligent Vehicle Infrastructure Cooperative (V2I) system represents the latest direction in the development of the worldwide intelligent transportation systems. Genvict, through deep research on intelligent transportation infrastructure and driving safety, has launched the intelligent transportation solution based on GPS, DSRC, V2X, and other advanced technology. This solution, with the interaction of vehicle, highway, people and transportation infrastructure information and the function of the e-payment both based on DSRC technology, along with the accurate vehicle positioning from GPS precise positioning technology, and the capacity of V2X's high-speed communication, can realize the direct interaction between vehicles and other traffic elements. In addition, by collecting and integrating the full time-and-space dynamic transportation information, it can also comprehensively realizes multiple applications such as highway toll management, decongestion, signal control, warning and safety protection, auxiliary driving, and travel service in urban central area, thus establishing a safe, efficient and environment-protecting intelligent transportation system.

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