Congestion charging

Congestion charging, also called road pricing, is an effective way of reducing traffic congestion in urban areas. It has been implemented in a few cities, including London, Stockholm, Singapore, Milan, and Gothenburg.

Increasing urbanization nowadays calls for measures to ease the traffic crowding in cities. And in the emergence of a new wave of smart cities, smart mobility is also considered one of the essential components of making a smart city. Congestion charging, as an effective and scientific approach to address traffic congestion in cities, is now showing more and more its presence in the development master plan of many cities.

Dedicated to tolling and fee charging for years, Genvict provides exceptional solutions and services to city administrators with:

◆ Situation-dependent models the fees can be calculated by distance travelled, time spent, vehicle class, real-time traffic status, and other parameters requested;

◆ Various automatic vehicle identification (AVI) technologies dedicated short-range communication (DSRC), radio frequency identification (RFID), automatic number plate recognition (ANPR);

◆  Modular offering not limited to fee charging system (ranging from front-end system to back-office management), we also offer communication system, and monitoring system for urban traffic management;

◆ End-to-end approach full service from design, implementation, training, operation to maintenance.