Electronic vehicle registration

For vehicle management and enforcement, government agencies still using conventional solutions are now facing great challenges in terms of:

◆  loss of significant amount of overdue fees and fines;

◆  high vehicle theft rate while tardiness in retrieving stolen vehicles;

◆  lack of restriction and monitoring on unsafe, uninsured, unregistered, and excessively polluting vehicles on roads …

Electronic vehicle registration (EVR), a digital system combining automatic vehicle recognition and registration data management, significantly relieves operational burdens and improve fiscal performance for states and local authorities. Millions of lost revenue can be recouped and citizens can be provided with:

◆  improved traffic safety and security;

◆  better air quality;

◆  shortened inspection procedure and convenient means for fee collection …

As a key player and Chinese standard drafter for electronic vehicle registration, Genvict is capable of offering end-to-end EVR solution with:

◆  Various automatic vehicle identification (AVI) means: dedicated short-range communication (DSRC), radio frequency identification (RFID), automatic number plate recognition (ANPR);

◆  Cutting-edge technologies: data merging and comprehensive analysis via artificial intelligence;

◆  Expandable platform: applications such as congestion charging, traffic control management, smart parking management can be added to the platform.