Vehicle-infrastructure cooperative system

Vehicle to Everything (V2X) is a new-generation communication technology that connects vehicles with other vehicles, pedestrians, roadside equipment and internet/cloud. With V2X, an all-element connected intelligent transport system can be developed to improve safety and traffic management, reduce traffic congestion, accidents and environmental impacts.

V2X applications evolve from info services to traffic safety and efficiency, and are now evolving towards cooperative ITS (C-ITS) for autonomous driving. Situation awareness will be strengthened through information shared among vehicles. And a comprehensive vehicle-infrastructure cooperative system will be formed to make a smarter road that senses, thinks and talks.


As the pioneer in V2X communication, Genvict takes the lead in V2X industrial R&D center licensed by MOT. We have conducted tests and pilot projects in China and overseas, and are able to offer:

◆ Mainstream communication technologies: both DSRC-V2X and C-V2X;

◆ Compatible with International Standards and Extensive User Development Support: IEEE802.11p, IEEE1609.2-4, SAE-J2735, WB-SDK1.0;

◆ Applications including but not limited to: Forward Collision Warning (FCW), Curve Speed Warning (CSW), Emergency Electronic Brake Light (EEBL), Ice Warning, Emergency Vehicle Approach, Pedestrian in Crosswalk, Intersection Movement Assist, Red Light Violation, Lane change warning, Road Works Warning, Blind Spot Warning, Preference for Special Vehicles, application for fee-collection, application for commercial operation, intelligent transportation facilities and intelligent platooning;